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Ringbild 19-2002
Ringbild 17-2002
Ringbild 16-2002
Ringbild 15-2002
Ringbild 14-2002
Ringbild 11-2002
Ringbild 8-2003
Ringbild 5-2003

Circle Paintings

This series shows floating spheres of circles that are freely composed out of a colourful mist. They are filled with an internal power of illumination and fascinating brilliance due to the multiple‐layers of thin paint that create an impressive illusion of space on a 2D canvas. It appears that some rings are dissolving into their backgrounds while others seemed to be shaped by it. However, they are always faithful elements to their surroundings and define those through the structures and colours of the circle. The intrinsically connection between the ring and its space provides a basis of peace and harmony which are often offset by restless areas of chiselled inner structures or conglomerates of lines. Although the antagonism of the painted elements establishes suspense, the paintings of rings maintain a dynamic and floating sense of balance. The informal nature of those images prevents them from being interpreted as symbolic, narrative or geometric.

Translation by Sabine Klaus, Edinburgh, August 2008