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Aquasphere 10-2023
Aquasphere 9-2023
Aquasphere 8-2023
Aquasphere 7-2023
Aquasphere 6-2023
Aquasphere 5-2023
Aquasphere 4-2023
Aquasphere 3-2023
Aquasphere 2-2023
Aquasphere 1-2023
Aquasphere XI-2022
Aquasphere X-2022
Aquasphere IX-2022
Aquasphere VI-2022
Aquasphere IV-2022
Aquasphere III-2021
Aquasphere II-2021
Aquasphere I-2022
Aquasphere V-2021
Aquasphere IV-2021
Aquasphere III-2021
Aquasphere II-2021
Aquasphere I-2021
Aquasphere II-2020
Aquasphere 1-2020
Aquasphere 7-2019
Aquasphere 6-2019
Aquasphere 5-2019
Aquasphere 4-2019
Aquasphere 3/2019
Aquasphere 2-2019
Aquasphere 1-2019
Aquasphere 7-2018
Aquasphere 4-2018
Aquasphere 3-2018
Aquasphere 2-2018
Aquasphere 1-2018
Aquasphere 12-2017
Aquasphere 11-2017
Aquasphere 10-2017
Aquasphere 9-2017
Aquasphere 8-2017
Aquasphere 7-2017
Aquasphere 6-2017
Aquasphere 5-2017
Aquasphere 4-2017
Aquasphere 3-2017
Aquasphere 2-2017
Aquasphere 1-2017


The "AQUASPHERE" works have been created since the beginning of 2017 and are stylistically connected to the series "Abstract Landscapes" and "Improvised Landscapes", which they carry on in a different way. There are also influences from my "color space pictures" (including the elaborate glaze layer techniques, created 1994 - 2005), the "circle paintings" (2002 - 2005) and various mixing techniques, which I used during my work on the "POPOCs" (Painting Over Photography On Canvas, 2016 to today). Experiments and controlled coincidences complement my painting to create natural looking organic structures.

Studies on the "AQUASPHERE" pictures date back to 1991, regarding my examination of the swirl sketches Da Vinci. Since then, I have been fascinated by the artistic treatment of the theme "Forms and Structures in Motion", their genesis, transformation, dissolution, condensation. The first "water pictures", paintings in acrylic on various bases had been made in 1993. At the beginning of 2017, the theme was again taken up under the title "AQUASPHERE" - but now as large-scale implementations and extensions of the previously created studies and images.

In the AQUASPHEREs, landscapes can occasionally be seen, as are shapes and figures; at the same time, the spherical light-filled depth of the "color space pictures" and the "rings" reappear in new ways, here transformed into unreal "ethereal" (sub) water worlds. Allusions to the legendary, submerged mythical continent "Atlantis" are suspect. Likewise, these new works play on notions of supernatural, spiritual or prenatal / after death realms. As with all my works from various creative epochs, any clear definability, definite interpretability, close readability is avoided in favor of the expansion of the free imagination of the beholder. Defined readability is also avoided in order to emphasize painting as painting and experiment as experiment, and to make the process vivid and perceptible; - this should not suffocate under a flood of "meanings", interpretations, interpretations. Which does not mean that the works available here are arbitrary. On the contrary: color theory, morphology and composition play the same important role as in my other paintings.

Due to the manifold extension of my painting techniques - mixed techniques into the purely informal / experimental - additional picture levels can be seen. Thus, in the "AQUASPHERE" works, everything that was achieved before is summarized and expanded in terms of techniques and expression.

Hinrich JW Schüler, Düsseldorf, May 2018

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